Glen & Co, Glasgow

Glasgow Shipowners Co Ltd

The Glen family started shipowning in 1894 when they formed Glasgow Shipowners Co Ltd and traded mainly with coal to Sweden, returning with timber. Shortly afterwards they formed Scottish Navigation Co which operated deep sea tramps and the Scandinavian Shipping Co. but ships were frequently transferred between the companies. Three ships were lost during the Great War and in WWII the deep sea fleet was wiped out and six Scandinavian traders were also lost. Eleven standard type ships were managed for MOWT during and shortly after the war but no ships were owned until the 1950s when the company took over management of the Dornoch Shipping Co and Nile SS Co from Lambert Bros. In 1961 the Scandinavian traders were taken over by F. T. Everard, Greenhithe and the services were terminated in 1967.

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