North of England Steamship Co, West Hartlepool. Crosby, Magee & Co

North of England Steamship Co

The company was formed in 1891 by John Crosby and John Magee and operated in the Baltic and Biscay trades. In 1904 the partners took over the North of England SS Co from Stainthorp, Kitching & Co together with their ships and traded to the U.S Eastern Seaboard, Gulf ports and St. Lawrence.

No ships were lost to enemy action during the Great War. John Magee retired in 1927 and the company was renamed Crosby, Son & Co. By 1939 only two ships were owned, one of which was mined and sunk, and the other survived the war and continued trading until 1954 when sold and the company was wound up in 1958.


North of England Steamship Co, Fleet List


Brunswick  84092    1881  1389 
1891 purchased from J. Bacon, 23.10.1895 wrecked at Bilbao.
Larch  68987    1878  1416 
Built for Peacock Bros, Sunderland, 1884 sold to Thompson & Brown, Sunderland, 1891 purchase3d by Crosby, Magee, 1899 sold to J. Leschbrandt, Mandal r/n Lom, 15.4.1900 wrecked near Libau.
Paola  92909    1882  1039 
Built for de Freitas & Co, Hamburg, 1886 sold to Lilly, Wilson & Co, West Hartlepool, 1893 purchased by Crosby, Magee, 19.10.1898 wrecked near Inchkeith, refloated and 1900 sold to O. Banck, Helsingborg r/n Carma, 2.12.1914 sailed from Amsterdam for Blyth and went missing.
Bainbridge  102722    1894  1900 
1914 sold to C. Svendsen, Christiania, 16.7.1916 wrecked at Pointe de Kerlouan.
Glen Dochart  86988    1882  1206 
Built for T. McNabb, London, 1887 sold to H. Baxter, London, 1895 purchased by Crosby, Magee, 1901 sold to J. Browne, London, 1902 sold to C. Gogstad, Christiania r/n Lyra, 25.12.1914 wrecked between Hanko and Rano.
Edinburgh  88774    1883  1645 
1895 purchased from R. Wesencraft, Newcastle, 1899 sold to G. Chitham, Newcastle, 1911 sold to J. Mitchell, Dundee, 13.2.1913 sunk in collision with s/s London off Haisbroough L.V.
Nettleton  98910    1891  2413 
Built as Ludgate for H. Dillon, London, 1899 sold to Sunley & Co, London r/n Nettleton, 1903 purchased by Crosby, Magee, 1915 sold to Massey & Sons, London, 11.2.1916 wrecked near Bude.
Hannah M. Bell  95928    1893  2998 
1904 purchased from Stainthorp & Kitching, Stockton, 3.4.1911 wrecked near Carrisfort Light.
Teesbridge  119879    1905  3898 
21.1.1929 reported in distress in 48.31N 41.00W and went missing.
Wearbridge  127463    1911  4012 
1936 sold to J. C. Radcliffe, West Hartlepool, 1937 scrapped.
Eskbridge  132821    1912  3409 
1934 sold to T. Teryazos, Piraeus r/n Theodoros T, 27.8.1940 torpedoed and sunk in 50.10N 19.50W by U.37.
Tynebridge  139235    1925  4360 
1934 sold to F. Dawson, Newcastle r/n Mary Walton, 1937 sold to Euxine Shipping, Newcastle r/n W. Hendrik, 3.12.1940 bombed and sunk in 56.26N 12.20W
Hartbridge  139242    1927  5080 
1954 sold to L. Minacoulis, Costa Rica r/n San Antonio, 1956 sold to P. Marchessini, Costa Rica r/n Marzuk, 1958 sold to P. Petroutsis, Costa Rica r/n Spetsai Glory, 1960 scrapped.
Forthbridge  139254    1928  5140 
24.1.1936 abandoned on fire in 37.00N 133.00E
Levenbridge  139255    1928  4342 
1934 sold to Ave S.A. di Nav, Genoa r/n Tebro, 1940 laid up at Santos, 1941 seized by Brazil r/n Acreloide for Lloyd Brasileiro, 1949 returned to Italian owners r/n Tebro, 1951 sold to Cia Armatoriale, Venice r/n Allegra, 1955 transferred to Panamanian registry, 21.7.1958 sank in 16.36N 59.37E
Ousebridge  160762    1929  5601 
29.7.1940 mined and sunk in Queen’s Channel, Liverpool.

Ted Finch 30-10-2012