Kaye, Son & Co

Kaye, Son Shipowning Company

Frederick Kaye entered shipowning in London in 1912 when he formed the Chasehill Steamship Co and purchased the Chasehill and later the Chase Manor. The majority of his trade was to the River Plate, although general tramping was maintained. By the outbreak of the Great War, the company owned only one ship but this was captured by a German cruiser, her coal cargo removed and being heavily damaged, she was released and made her way to Pernambuco. She was then sold and the company wound up.


In 1919 the "K" Steamship Co was formed and by 1925 the company owned eight vessels and in 1929 Kaye took over management of the Jamaica Direct Fruit Line Ltd. which operated a direct service between Kingston, Rotterdam and London. At the beginning of the Second World War, the company owned eleven ships, of which eight were lost to enemy action and one to marine hazard. Three of the Jamaica Line ships were also lost plus three ships managed for the Government. By the end of the war, Kaye only owned two ships and the Jamaica Line owned one. In 1946 four ships were purchased from the Government as a nucleus to the post war fleet and in 1961 purchased their first tanker. The River Plate trade was gradually taken over by Argentine registered ships and by 1965 the last dry cargo ship had been sold. In 1973 Kaye, Son & Co was absorbed into the Furness, Withy group and the tanker Kayeson was transferred to Royal Mail Lines.


Kaye, Son & Co, Fleet List

Chasehill 98893  1891  4583 
Ex-Hawkes Bay, 1912 purchased from Tyser Line r/n Chasehill, 22.2.1915 captured by German cruiser Kronprinz Wilhelm, coal cargo removed and released, 1915 sold to Essex Chase SS Co, London, 18.1.1916 sank in North Atlantic.
Chase Manor 87147  1883  2084 
Ex-Zephyrus, 1913 purchased from Turner, Brightman & Co, London r/n Chase Manor, 1914 scrapped.
Poltava 139078  1889  945 
Built as Georg for H. Schuldt, Germany, 6.8.1914 captured by HMS Cormorant, 1915 sold to Tyzack and Branfoot, Newcastle r/n George R, 1915 purchased by Kaye r/n Poltava, 19.4.1917 mined and sunk off Souter Point.
Veraston 124318  1906  1825 
1917 purchased from Merchiston SS Co, West Hartlepool, 1920 sold to Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co, converted to case oil carrier and r/n Volsella, 1948 sold to Hung Ziang Shing, Shanghai, 1950 scrapped.
Polymnia 137443  1903  2426 
Built as Henriette Woermann for Woermann Line, Germany, 7.9.1914 captured by HMS Cumberland, 1915 sold to Cunard r/n Polymnia, 1917 purchased by Kaye, 15.5.1917 torpedoed and sunk off the Lizard by UC.75
Khartum 98954  1891   
Built as Woolloomooloo for Lund’s Blue Anchor Line, 1900 sold to R. P. Houston & Co r/n Harmonides, 1911 purchased by Kaye r/n Khartum, 1927 scrapped.
Kemmel (1) 106021  1896  3460 
Built as Bullionist for Angier Bros, London, 1897 sold to Cayzer, Irvine & Co, Glasgow, 1898 sold to Ritson’s Branch Line, Sunderland r/n Orange Branch, 1919 purchased by Kaye r/n Kemmel, 23.2.1920 wrecked Cape Verde Islands.
Kut 101917  1892  3513 
Built as Warrnambul for Lund’s Blue Anchor Line, 1900 sold to R. P. Houston, Liverpool r/n Harmodius, 1919 purchased by Kaye r/n Kut, 1926 scrapped.
Kayeson (1) 146232  1922  3518 
1929 sold to Cia Naviera Vascongada, Spain r/n Serantes, 1958 sold to Trasportes, Aduanas y Consignaciones, Spain r/n Sac Tarragona, 1976 scrapped.
Kambole 137464  1915  4524 
Built as Malvern Range for Furness, Withy & Co, 1922 purchased by Kaye r/n Kambole, 1937 sold to Barry Shipping Co, Cardiff, 1938 sold to J. A. Billmeir, London r/n Stanthorpe, 1938 sold to O. Bertin, China r/n Yolande Bertin, 1941 sold to Wallem & Co, Panama r/n Honduras, 1947 sold to E. Hsiang, China r/n Foo Hsiang, 1963 scrapped.
Kamir 140562  1918  4407 
Built as Sidlaw Range for Furness, Withy & Co, 1922 purchased by Kaye r/n Kamir, 1934 sold to Rethymnis & Kulukundis, Greece r/n Kyriakoula, 26.2.1941 sunk by air attack off Rockall.
Kayak 110630  1900  3663 
Built as Penrith Castle for Lancashire Shipping Co, Liverpool, 1916 sold to Glynn & Son, Liverpool r/n Alaveno, 1922 purchased by Kaye r/n Kayak, 1926 sold to F. Edwards, London r/n City of Patras, 1927 sold to Pandeli Bros, Greece r/n Zannis Pandelis, 13.3.1928 wrecked on Bonavista Islands.
Kemmel 135337  1914  4526 
Built as Ardgarry for Lang & Fulton, Greenock, 1919 sold to Furness, Withy r/n Stanmore, 1923 purchased by Kaye r/n Kemmel, 1934 scrapped.
Jameson 147610  1924  3585 
1934 r/n Joyous (same owners), 14.4.1940 sunk in collision in River Parana.
Joyous 147610     
See Jameson
Margalau 148748  1926  4541 
1950 sold to Karachi S.N.Co, Pakistan r/n Pakistan Prosperity, 1965 scrapped.
Marslew 148767  1926  4542 
24.2.1941 torpedoed and sunk in Atlantic by U.95
Marsland 149741  1926  4542 
2.7.1933 wrecked at St. John’s NF.
Margot 149754  1926  4542 
23.5.1942 torpedoed, shelled and sunk in 39.00N 68.00W by U.588
Marcella 160349  1928  4592 
13.3.1943 torpedoed and sunk in 42.45N 13.31W by U.107
Kayeson (2) 161317  1929  4606 
2.10.1940 torpedoed and sunk in 51.12N 24.22W by U.32
Marylyn 161369  1930  4555 
31.10.1942 torpedoed and sunk in 00.46S 32.42W by U.174
Northland 115967  1903  5201 
Built as Highland Enterprise for Nelson Line, London, 1929 sold to J.Bennett, London and converted to trawler mother ship, 1930 purchased by Kaye r/n Northland and converted to fish factory ship, 1932 sold to London Whaling Co r/n Thorland, 1940 seized by Germans and used as storage ship, 1946 sold to Norway, 1951 scrapped.
Margay (1) 127457  1910  4139 
Built as Cape Transport for Houlder Bros, London, 1929 sold to Chios SS Co, Greece r/n Christoforos, 1931 seized by the Admiralty Marshal, 1932 purchased by Kaye r/n Margay, 1933 scrapped.
Marton 163329  1933  4969 
8.5.1941 bombed and damaged by German aircraft while in drydock at Liverpool, towed to Tranmere and scrapped.
Marina 164458  1935  5088 
18.9.1940 torpedoed and sunk in 56.46N 21.15W by U.48
Galvan 142429  1918  5185 
Built as War Lemur for The Shipping Controller, London, 1919 sold to Cunard r/n Verentia, 1926 sold to Andrew Weir & Co, Glasgow r/n Foreric, 1927 sold to A. Holland & Co, London r/n Galvan, 1935 purchased by Kaye, 1937 sold to Chang Shu Chang, China r/n Pei Tai, 1938 sold Japan r/n Hokutai Maru, 30.3.1944 bombed and sunk in Palau Islands by U.S. aircraft.
Azul 142712  1919  5287 
Built as War Burman for the Shipping Controller, completed as Burgondier for Lloyd Royal Belge, London, 1922 transferred to Belgian registry, 1926 sold to A.. Holland & Co, London r/n Azul, 1935 purchased by Kaye, 1936 sold to Georgian S.N. Co, Cardiff t/n David Dawson, 1937 sold to Coulouthros & Embiricos, Greece r/n Penteli, 1939 sold to Counties Ship Management, London r/n Brockley Hill, 24.6.1941 torpedoed and sunk in North Atlantic by U.651
Lomas 143206  1919  5256 
Built as War Pioneer for the Shipping Controller, London, completed as Brazilier for Lloyd Royal Belge, London, 1922 transferred to Belgian registry, 1926 sold to A. Holland, London r/n Lomas, 1935 purchased by Kaye, 1936 sold to Severn SS Co, Bristol r/n Avon Cliff, 1937 sold to Parodi, Italy r/n Italo Balbo, 9.9.1941 torpedoed and sunk off Elba by Dutch submarine O.24
Marlene 144671  1920  6507 
Built a Highland Warrior for Nelson Line, London, 1932 taken over by Royal Mail Lines r/n Nagoya, 1936 purchased by Kaye r/n Marlene, 1940 sold to Galbraith, Pembroke & Co, London, 4.4.1941 torpedoed and sunk in 08.15N 14.19W by U.124
Marconi 137532  1917  7402 
Built for Lamport & Holt Ltd, Liverpool, 1937 purchased by Kaye, 20.5.1941 torpedoed and sunk in Atlantic by U.109
Marsdale 167422  1940  4890 
1957 sold to Black Star Line, Ghana r/n Volta River, 1965 sold to Psara Shipping Co, Greece r/n Psara, 1967 scrapped.
Marshall 180854  1946  7311 
Launched as Empire Kedah for MOWT, completed as Marshall for Kaye, 1962 sold to Turkey r/n M. Nurfan, 1969 scrapped.
Marquita 172790  1941  6860 
Built as Empire Almond for MOWT, 1946 purchased by Kaye r/n Marquita, 1951 r/n Marsland, 1959 sold to Polish SS Co, Poland r/n Huta Zgoda, 1964 hulked at Szczecin r/n MP-Zozie-12, 1978 scrapped
Marsland (2) 172790     
See Marquita
Margay (2) 180901  1946  4972 
1962 sold to Wing Tak SS Co, Hong Kong r/n Star Pink, 1966 r/n Ocean Pink, 1967 sold to Pac-Trade Nav. Co, Liberia r/n Maria Ana, 1969 sold to Velta Cia Ltda, Nicaragua r/n Velta, 13.2.1971 sank in 32.07N 23.26W
Martita 180917  1946  7369 
Launched as Empire Gantock for MOWT, completed as Martita for Kaye, 1960 sold to Cia Nav. Almadin, Greece r/n Maroudio, 1965 sold to East & West Africa Shipping Co, Panama r/n Thalie, 1968 scrapped
Martagon 180155  1945  7086 
Built as Empire Prome for MOWT, 1947 purchased by Kaye r/n Martagon, 15.11.1957 collided with German s/s Moselstein in River Elbe and beached, 1959 sold to Turkey r/n Mehmet Ipar, 1963 laid up, 1970 scrapped.
Marylyn (2) 185967  1953  7602 
1965 sold to Elmsley SS Co, Liberia r/n Ionic Sky, 1967 sold to Kaanthos Cia Maritima r/n Kaanthos, 1969 sold to Antinous Shipping Co, Liberia r/n Antinous, 1971 sold to Ocean Glory Nav.Co, Liberia r/n Ocean Glory, 4.7.1971 sank 40 miles off Madras.
Kayeson (3) 302531  1961  28132 
Tanker. 1974 transferred to Royal Mail Lines, 1981 sold to Mid East Ship Trade Co, Liberia r/n Aounallah, resold as bunkering vessel at Jeddah, 1983 scrapped.
Limpsfield 360757  1970  6012 
Built as Cap Melville for O. Lauritzen, Denmark, 1973 r/n Olav Rolf, 1973 purchased by Kaye r/n Limpsfield, 1973 r/n Lindfield, 1977 transferred to Cairn Line, 1980 sold to Cia Argentina de Transportes Maritimos, Buenos Aires r/n Marfrio, 1992 transferred to Liberian registry, 1995 sold to Interes Shipping Ltd, Kaliningrad Russia r/n Interes, 1999 scrapped.
Lindfield 360757     
See Limpsfield

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