Essex Line Ltd / Meldrum & Swinson, London

TEssex Line Ltd / Meldrum & Swinson, London

Harris Meldrum set up business as a shipowner in 1909 and went into partnership with Charles Swinson in London. One ship was lost during the Great War and the other two sold in 1916. The company withdrew from shipowning until 1921 when they set up the Essex Line with second hand tramps. However the company was hit heavily by the depression and by 1936 owned only five ships. Four of these were sold and by the outbreak of war, only one vessel was owned. The remaining ship became a war loss and Meldrum & Swinson ceased shipowning although one tramp was managed for MOWT from 1944 to 1947.


Essex Line Ltd, Fleet List


Eastcheap  112773    1900  1229 
1909 purchased from F. S. Holland, London, 1911 sold to Rederi A/B Neptunus, Helsingborg r/n Nereus, 25.12.1915 mined and sunk in 53.39N 01.17E
Essex Abbey (1)  132608    1911  3595 
1916 sold to Grahams & Co, London r/n Panayiotis, 1920 sold to Loyal Line, London r/n Loyal Devonian, 1932 sold to S.N.Vlassopol, Braila r/n Inginer N. Vlassopol, 1941 seized by MOWT r/n Hampton Lodge, 21.1.1943 sunk by air attack in 36.44N 01.50E
Essex Baron (1)  136717    1914  4307 
1917 sold to Ognam Shipping, London r/n Eptapyrgion, 23.4.1917 torpedoed and sunk 150 miles W x S of the Scillies.
Chasehill  98893    1891  4583 
Built as Hawkes Bay for Tyser Line, London, 1912 sold to Kaye, Son & Co, London r/n Chasehill, 1915 purchased by Essex Line, 18.1.1916 foundered in 40.00N 63.00W
Essex Abbey (2)  124038    1907  4302 
Built as Lord Sefton for J. Herron & Co, Liverpool, 1912 sold to Occidental & Oriental S.N. Co, 1920 sold to Universal S.N. Co, 1922 purchased by Essex Line r/n Essex Abbey, 1934 scrapped.
Essex Baron (2)  113440    1900  4599 
Built as Lowther Castle for Lancashire Shipping, Liverpool, 1912 sold to Regier & Son, Mariupol r/n Rossia, 1915 sold to H. E. Moss & Co, Liverpool, 1922 purchased by Essex Line r/n Essex Baron, 1928 sold to Harris & Philipps, London, 1931 scrapped.
Essex Chase  147511    1899  3090 
Built as Alderney for Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Tonsberg, 1920 sold to O. J. Eskildsen, Copenhagen r/n Hvidehavet, 1923 purchased by Essex Line r/n Essex Chase, 1929 sold to F. Grauds, Riga r/n Evergunar, 18.1.1932 wrecked near Somnes.
Essex Druid  147576    1919  3594 
Ex-Kediri, 1923 purchased from Rotterdam Lloyd, Rotterdam r/n Essex Druid, 1938 sold to Jugoslavenska Oceanske Plovidba, Split r/n Drava, 1946 sold to Jugoslavenska Linijska Plovidba, Split r/n Podgora, 1961 scrapped.
Essex Envoy  147599    1922  5197 
Ex-Therese Horn, 1924 purchased from H. C. Horn, Flensburg r/n Essex Envoy, 1939 sold to Seereederei Frigga, Hamburg r/n Hermod, 1958 scrapped.
Essex Friar  148521    1920  3165 
Ex-Canonnier, 1925 purchased from Lloyd Royal Belge, Antwerp r/n Essex Friar, 1932 scrapped after stranding damage.
Essex Glade  124014    1906  4298 
Built as Alconda for E. F & W. Roberts, Liverpool, 1915 sold to Donaldson Bros, Glasgow, 1924 purchased by Essex Line r/n Essex Glade, 1935 scrapped.
Essex Heath  109783    1899  3850 
Built as Shandon for W. J. Tatem, Cardiff, 29.10.1909 stranded off Helgoland, refloated and 1911 sold to Menzell & Co, Hamburg r/n Hedwig Menzell, 1912 sold to Vulkan Reed Dampf Franz Wilke, Hamburg r/n Franz Wilke, 1919 seized by the Shipping Controller, London, 1921 sold to Amelia SS Co, London r/n Mary Amelia, 1925 purchased by Essex Line r/n Essex Heath, 1930 scrapped.
Essex Isles  118121    1904  4399 
Built as Wray Castle for Lancashire Shipping, Liverpool, 1915 sold to Mitre Shipping, London r/n Wisley, 1919 sold to Canada SS Lines, Montreal, 1922 r/n Welland County, 1926 purchased by Essex Line r/n Essex Isles, 13.1.1927 damaged by fire at Tampico and scrapped.
Essex Judge  132070    1912  3691 
Built as Dahestan for Common Bros, Sunderland, 1916 sold to Fisher, Alimonda, London, 1920 sold to Italian Gov?t r/n Antium, 1923 sold to Parodi & Corrado, Genoa r/n Bainsizza, 1924 sold to Villain & Fassio, Genoa r/n Alberto Fassio, 1928 purchased by Essex Line r/n Essex Judge, 1938 sold to Thameside Shipping, London r/n Thorpehaven, 10.6.1938 sunk at Alicante by Spanish Nationalist air attack, 1941 salvaged and sold to Spanish Government r/n Castillo Guadalest, 25.8.1951 foundered in 39.33N 57.41W
Essex Knoll  120632    1905  4346 
Built as Arlington Court for Court Line, London, 1916 sold to Mitchell SS Co, London, 1918 r/n Penylan, 1919 sold to Sidney Rees Nav Co, Cardiff r/n Penrhos, 1925 sold to A. Parodi, Genoa r/n Zovetto, 1927 purchased by Essex Line r/n Essex Knoll, 1933 scrapped.
Essex Lance  142684    1918  6625 
Built as War Courage for The Shipping Controller, London, 1919 sold to Glen Line, London r/n Glensanda, 1928 purchased by Essex Line r/n Essex Lance, 15.10.1943 torpedoed and sunk in 57.53N 28.00W by U.426
Essex Manor  161371    1930  4994 
1.8.1937 stranded at Erimosaki, refloated and sold to Yamashita Kisen K.K, Kobe r/n Yamabuki Maru, 21.9.1944 bombed and sunk in 14.45N 120.12E by U.S. aircraft.
Essex Noble  162690    1929  4323 
Ex-Juliet, 1932 purchased from H. Hannevig, Horten r/n Essex Noble, 1933 sold to Stephens, Sutton Ltd, Newcastle r/n Reaveley, 1939 sold to Massey & Sons, Hull r/n Elizabeth Massey, 1943 sold to Stag Line, N. Shields, 1945 r/n Begonia, 1956 sold to Pio Tomei, Viareggio r/n Peonia, 1964 scrapped.
Essex Oak  162762    1929  4323 
Ex-June, 1932 purchased from H. Hannevig, Horten r/n Essex Oak, 1933 sold to Stephens, Sutton Ltd, Newcastle r/n Ridley, 1936 sold to Turnbull, Scott & Co, Newcastle r/n Redgate, 1947 sold to British Anthracite Sales Co, Swansea r/n Basilisk, 1951 sold to Dai-Ichi Kisen K.K., Kobe r/n Missouri Maru, 1964 sold to Fong Shing Shipping, Panama r/n Loong Kang, 11.12.1967 wrecked in Philippines.
Empire Grey  180218    1944  6140 
Managed for MOWT, 1947 sold to Zinal SS Co, London r/n Burhill, 1951 sold to Golden Cross Line, London r/n London City, 1951 sold to Runciman Ltd, London r/n Chepman, 1957 sold to Great Eastern Shipping, Bombay r/n Jag Janani, 1961 scrapped.

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