Merchant Seamen 1853 - 1857

BT116 - Register of Seamen Series III 1853-1857
The ticketing system was abolished in 1853 and a new series was begun, much easier to search, listing seamen alphabetically with age, existing ticket number, place of birth and voyage details.

The problems with recording seamen throughout the whole period of 1835-1857 were eventually viewed as insurmountable and the whole system was discontinued. From that date up to 1913, the only way of tracing the career of a merchant seamen is by reference to the Agreements and Crew Lists.

Reminder! MASTERS & MATES are the subject of a separate Guide. However until 1845 they will be found in the above records. BT115 (see Guide to Tracing Master Mariners) is extracted from the records of BT114.