Register of Seamen 1835-1844

BT120 - Register of Seamen series l, 1835-1836
This is a small series comprising 5 volumes, listing the men alphabetically by surname.

BT112 - Register of Seamen series ll 1835-1844
There are 83 volumes in the series, divided into two parts. Searches must be made in both sections, which can be in two volumes or two sections of the same volume. It should incorporate the names from BT120 but you must not rely on this being so.

This register requires great care as the layout of the two sections is not straightforward and it is easy to overlook the section required.

Both sections are roughly alphabetical, the first indexed by separate alphabetical indexes: BT119 Alphabetical Index to Seamen. This gives the reference number which can be used to trace the correct entry in BT112. This means that both sections must be searched for each seaman. It is important not to rely on the accuracy of the indexes in BT119 nor the internal indexes in the second section. If your seaman's name does not appear in the indexes you must always be prepared to search the actual registers. You may expect to find the seaman's name, number, age, place of birth, and reference to the ship or voyage.