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Just a few words about how Mariners began. Ted Finch and I were members of our good friend Sue Swiggum's The Ships List Web Site »» where Ted used to post about ships, and I posted information on British passenger lists. As TSL grew, there were often questions from subscribers about merchant shipping and how to trace British mariners. At the time, there were few Internet resources and no dedicated list so the questions often went unanswered.

In those days I was a freelance researcher at the Public Record Office in Kew, specialising in Merchant Navy records and passenger list research and felt sure I could help with some of the unanswered questions - but I couldn't do it on my own. I approached Ted, who agreed that there was a need for a list dedicated to seamen and shipping, and, with advice from Sue about the mechanics of actually operating a mailing list, Mariners was born.

Ted Finch Mariners List

At the beginning, neither Ted nor I knew anything about web design, but I wrote some articles, we gathered as much information as we could, and using the very basic Netscape Navigator we set up The website grew, thanks largely to Ted's mastery of more versatile web design programs and a huge amount of his hard work. We have been blessed with vast amounts of donated information over the years, resulting in a hugely valuable resource for maritime research.

But no amount of Internet searching can replace the first hand knowledge and experience of others, so freely and generously given over the years and to all those who have helped us and our subscribers in any way at all, I give our heartfelt thanks.

God Bless Mariners, and all who sail in her!!!

Debbie Beavis